David Beckham Kicks it in the Big Apple

August 20th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Over the weekend, David Beckham greeted more than 66,000 eager soccer fans at Giants stadium in a game against the New York Red Bulls. Beckham required a police escort to accompany his black Cadillac Escalade through the streets of New York on his way to the stadium. Now that his ankle is finally allowing him to demonstrate the showmanship for which he has been paid a pretty penny by the L.A. Galaxy, Becks is getting the chance to give American audiences a taste of what he’s capable of.

“It’s just really great to see games like that, it’s so good for the league,” said FC Dallas assistant coach Oscar Pareja, watching from Houston, where his side plays Sunday. “A lot of goals. A lot of emotion. I think it was one of those games that a lot of people enjoy.”

I’ll be honest. I really couldn’t give a crap whether David Beckham plays soccer, Jai-Alai or professional Scrabble tournaments. As long as that man continues to look the way he does with his shirt off, I say, give him more money to take care of those dainty little abs of his.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Persistent Cat

    Hear hear!!!!

  2. AMEN to that sister!!

    It’s funny, cause a day or two ago I happened to catch a press conference where Beckham was speaking about his recent games for L.A. and it dawned on me that I don’t think I’ve EVER heard him speak before — just posing for photos and walking around during news soundbites. I found his voice to be mega-annoying…all I could think was SHUT UP ALREADY AND JUST LOOK HOT!!!


  3. Jai alai rocks!


  4. gracie

    David might be one of the few men I have seen where I simply don’t care what he thinks about or his views on any subject.

    All I ask for is his physical presense so a photo might be taken of him in all his spectacular glory. I admit too…I kind of like him better without the smile…he just looks so serious and delicious.

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