David Beckham Is Famous

David Beckham knows that the bigger your shades are, the more you reek of important celebrity. A friend of mine has these GIGANTIC Marc Jacobs sunglasses and the bitch looks ridic, but he definitely turns heads and gets mistaken for someone important. They seriously cover his eyes and his entire forehead. Bugs get splattered across them. They have their own wipers.

Anyway, here’s David Beckham. He’s returned to the United States and went and did a little shopping at Maxfield in Beverly Hills. He’s possibly scowling because he has to spend all his pocket money on his wife Victoria Beckham’s Birkin bags. She owns them all. You’re not going to get one. Face it. David would like to buy himself a watch fob or something, but that skizza needs to have every color of the rainbow. Space travelers are selfish.

Photos: FlynetOnline.com

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Photos: FlynetOnline.com