David Gandy’s Grey Suit Weekend Is 100% Sexy And Here To Brighten Your Monday

Shirtless David Gandy
The male model takes it off for Terry Richardson.
21There are certain things that just make Mondays better, and David Gandy wearing three different, but equally sexy suits is definitely one of them.

David was on a fashionable roll this weekend, attending the Rake magazine party, TOPMAN design show and One For The Boys Fashion Ball. So much Gandy candy.

And he even walked in the latter fashion show, hence the vest and all that major hotness. 

Honestly, I can’t decide how I like my David Gandy best: in a suit, shirtless or in a leather jacket. I mean, can’t I have all three at the same time?

But I do know that one day I want to hold him in my arms. Can we make that happen Gandy? Please and thank you. Launch the gallery to get your own Monday fill of him. He’s so handsome. I wanna know how he does it.