David Gandy Wears A Sexy Blue Suit To Match His Sexy Blue Eyes

Shirtless David Gandy
The male model takes it off for Terry Richardson.
Were you looking for some Thursday hotness? Well maybe David Gandy can be of service.

The hottest male model in the history of ever hit the red carpet last night at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Preview Party in London. Look at that Reiss blue suit. Look at how that blue suit matches his blue eyes. Look at the perfection!

I think I prefer last night’s look to the three-piece suit he wore to the Glamour Awards. I mean, not that I didn’t love that too, but this so, so sessy. 

In addition to looking perfect this week, David also opened up about his perfect date to Cosmopolitan UK. Do you know the best thing about David Gandy? That he refuses to wear running shoes on a date because he understands that running shoes are only meant for running! “Definitely not trainers; they suggest you’re not taking it that seriously. Also, I don’t own any.”

Oh my god, as if I could be more attracted to him. And if you do go out with David, you should offer to pay. He won’t let you, but it’s the gesture that counts. So basically, he’s my dream man. Let’s all launch the gallery together and pretend that David is our boyfriend. Yes? Yes.