David Gandy: Shirtless For Shortlist [PHOTOS]

Outspoken male model David Gandy covers the inaugural issue of ShortList MODE magazine. Gandy can make anything look good including the Seventies inspired looks that he donned for the photo shoot.

PHOTOS: The Best of David Gandy

The magazine asked Gandy to name his top style icons and he made some great choices. Check out his favorites after the jump.

1. PAUL NEWMAN Few people can carry off both the classic old school suit and tie and the informal casual/streetwear look. Paul Newman was one of the lucky few. Whether he was sporting a tailored suit or a Harrington and a pair of chinos he always managed to look impeccably cool. Maybe it was because he straddled two eras: old Hollywood and its reliance on formal attire and a fresher, relaxed time informed by the preppy, Ivy League style. Whatever, he always looked just right. Clean cut, but never bland.

2. JAMES DEAN Not only was James Dean’s acting a complete break with the Hollywood of John Wayne, Clark Gable and co, but his sense of style was too. Influenced by the Beats and the Bohemianism of early 50s New York, Dean’s appearance often bordered on the scruffy, but it was always shot through with his innate sense of cool: from his quiff to the turn ups on his jeans. To this day, Dean’s style is a byword for rebellion and rock’n’roll.

3. STEVE MCQUEEN Some things are dulled by repetition. Steve McQueen’s reputation as the undisputed King of Cool is not. Not dissimilar to either Newman or Dean in appearance, McQueen had the advantage of adding a rugged charm into his aesthetical mix. Enduringly American in style (McQueen is the sine qua non of Ivy League fashion) his look was highly adaptable and actually very simple: classic sports/casual wear (jeans, chinos, polo shirts, desert boots, shades etc.) worn well.

ShortList MODE magazine features the rest of the list.