David Gandy Is A Handsome Man, Picked Up The Rodial Beautiful Man of the Year Award

March 11th, 2014 // 1 Comment

So, have you guys ever heard of the Rodial Beautiful Awards? Basically, it’s an award given to beautiful people.

Therefore it is absolutely no surprise that at last night’s gala in London, the Man of the Year award went to none other than David Gandy. Or as I like to call him, David “How is it Possible for One Human to Be this Attractive? Please Hold Me Late at Night” Gandy.

The male model looked extremely handsome last night in his three-piece Thom Sweeney suit, as he lit up the red carpet with his perfection. 

David seemed happy with his beautiful award, posting on Twitter:

Ooo, and look! David even posed alongside ex-girlfriend, Laura Whitmore. He seems to be totally OK hanging out with his exes. David, I have an idea, how about we date and then I can become your ex, but we’ll continue to hang out…because we won’t actually break up. This is my dream.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of David being his handsome self last night. Here’s to hoping that people start giving him more beautiful awards, because he deserves them all.

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Beautiful Man of the Year award? Why stroke this man’s ego any more than it already is. Perhaps Rodial should focus less on what they consider beauty from the outside and spend money on awards for firemen, teachers, police, people who work three jobs to support their family and have absolutely no idea what a bespoke Thom Sweeney suit is. If David Gandy is the humble man he makes himself out to be then he wouldn’t have accepted such a pretentious and unnecessary “award”.

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