David Gandy Dreams Of Designing Menswear

Gorgeous male model David Gandy’s ultimate dream is to design his own line of menswear. The white-hot model told Men’s Vogue he has been considering the career move since he designed his own suit recently.

“I’ve been thinking about it,” Gandy says of exploring his inner designer. “People have asked me to do it and it is something I’m considering for the future. I designed my own suit for a party this week and I never got so many compliments on an outfit.” Um, well, that might just be because you’re the one in the suit!

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But beautiful Brit isn’t quite ready to take the leap.

“There is a big difference between designing one suit or an entire collection,” he explains. “I see how Dolce & Gabbana do it, they just produce season after season and they never get a break. I’m not ready yet to do that just yet, but never say never.” If only all men could look a little more like David Gandy…