David Gandy And His Hotness Hit The Red Carpet At The Scottish Fashion Awards

Shirtless David Gandy
The male model takes it off for Terry Richardson.
Guys, I feel like it’s been FOREVER since we’ve had a proper David Gandy sightings.

Sure we see loads of him on Instagram (if you don’t follow him, you must), but I’m talking red carpet Gandy. Thank goodness for the Scottish Fashion Awards last night bringing David out to pose for us.

The model/designer/perfect human looked flawless last night in his plaid jacket and sexy smile. Ooo and look! He won an award! 

David was the lucky recipient of the Founder’s Award. I have no idea what that means, or what it’s for, but I’m down for giving David any and all awards. Look at that perfection. He deserves it.

Launch the gallery to allow David’s Marks and Spencer suit to bring you joy. Oh, and keep your eyes here for some more Gandy later. We don’t get him for months, then we are blessed with his presence twice. This feels right.