David Cronenberg Calls Robert Pattinson ‘A Beautiful Actor’ [PHOTOS]

Sadly, Robert Pattinson won’t be in Los Angeles to attend Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, but all is not lost.  At least we have photos of him promoting Cosmopolis in Europe.

Today, Pattinson joined director David Cronenberg at the Apple Store on Regent Street in London for a session of “Meet The Filmmakers.”  Robsessed reports that Cronenberg has cast Pattinson in his upcoming “nasty and disturbing” new flick, Maps To The Stars, co-starring Viggo Mortensen.  Pattison, according to Cronenberg is “a beautiful actor who often responds to scenes without even realising what he’s doing. That’s why I love him.

“There’s a brilliant script by an author friend of mine called Bruce Wagner,” the Dangerous Method director continued.  “All of his books are fantastic. I tried to get this script off the ground five years ago, but I couldn’t get it made. In a way its like Cosmopolis; it’s a difficult sell. It’s edgy in a nasty, disturbing way. 

“It has emotion, but it has a weird emotion like Cosmopolis.  It’s hard to make difficult movies. When you have very credible actors who bring a lot of attention like Viggo Mortensen and Robert Pattinson, you think it would be easy to raise 15 million dollars, but it’s not.”

Looks like this is the beginning of a great partnership between Cronenberg and Pattinson!