David Beckham’s Undies Take A Spin Around LA [PHOTOS]

Becks In His Skivvies
Beckham unveils his H&M line.
While David Beckham signed autographs during soccer practice in Los Angeles today (February 2oth), ads for his H&M underwear line were tootin’ around town on tour buses.  Not a bad way to welcome tourists to Hollywoodland, am I right?

Meanwhile, the wife is pissed at those (*waves her hand meekly*) who’ve noticed that she’s been looking a little run down.  Victoria Beckham appeared tired at Britain’s GREAT Campaignlaunch in New York last week, which she did not appreciate being brought to her attention.

“Look, if people want to say I’m miserable then so be it,” Beckham said, according to the Mirror. “I’m really not. I have a lot on my plate. I’m not going to lie about it, I’m tired. I’m really tired but I’m also very happy with my life.  I’m basically just like any woman who’s working and has lots of children – it’s tough.”