David Beckham Wears More Underwear For H&M, Enjoys An Evening In Miami

David Beckham's Prank
Beckham pulls a fast one on Target customers.
If you were praying for more photos of David Beckham shirtless and in underwear then congratulations! Your prayers have been answered.

H&M recently revealed some new shots of David modeling his Bodywear collection for winter. Whoever at H&M had the brilliant idea of making David their underwear spokesperson should be given a medal of honor. It can have David’s face etched onto in.

In clothed David news (I know, that exists too) the former soccer star is currently in Miami where he is looking to invest in a soccer team. 

I feel like that’s just an excuse for him and Victoriato buy a Miami vacation home, if they don’t’ have one already. Or maybe they do have one and need more excuses to go stay there. Either way, it’ll be nice having them down south.

Also, I really hope he becomes Sir David Beckham soon. That would be fun for me. Oh my god, then can we make Victoria Dame Victoria Beckham? I need this to happen! Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of David in some underwear and hanging out in Miami. Basically, he’s awesome.