David Beckham Takes His Handsome Self To Miami, Could He Be Returning To Soccer?

David Beckham For H&M
Becks is on the rooftops in his undies.
I always love Friday afternoon’s when I’m rewarded for my good behavior with one of my all time favorite hotties.

So thank you world for some David Beckham–and on a day when I got Matt Bomer and this random guy’s abs, too!

The father of Hollywood’s best looking family was spotted arriving in Miami today, presumably to get busy working on that soccer team of his. But wait, what’s all this talk of David coming back to play himself? 

That’s what he said! In a BBC documentary airing next week that followed David on an 800-mile, 12-day trip into the Amazon rainforest, the athlete joked, “There’s never been a player-owner but maybe?”Oh snap!

Also, I know he just retired recently, but does he still have those footballer chops he did back in the day? Maybe he can just come back and play in special games or something. But only if he plays shirtless. Against an also shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo.

Clearly we all know where my mind is today. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of David in Miami. Think he’ll come back to the world of soccer and European football? Sound off in the comments!