David Beckham Takes Harper To The Parks, Runs In To Molly Sims

David Beckham Caught
David Beckham has been caught in his undies!
Soccer star David Beckham takes his daughter Harper to a park in New York City yesterday (September 10, 2013) for a little bonding time. The two-year-old looked pretty in pink, but her look was given a bit of an edge with her Doc Marten boots.

While they were playing at the park, Harper also made a new little friend. Molly Sims and her 14-month-old son Brooks, did a little interacting together.

At one point David took photos of Harper as she was swinging giddily on the swings. She looked more in her element on the playground, than in the front row at her mother’s fashion show. 

The 38-year-old retired soccer star who was believed to have invested in his 46-year-old chef friend Gordon Ramsey’s Mediterranean-themed eatery which is opening in London on September 16, has pulled out since both men had a different vision for the project.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “They may be best friends, but they are also very astute businessmen and both wanted different things.

“Becks was ready to make an investment and had visited the site. But they both talked long and hard and have decided not to work together on this occasion.”

Probably a wise move. Being friends and business partners is always risky. Enough restaurant talk! Check out all the pics of Harper and David at the playground by launching the gallery!

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