David Beckham Stripping Always Incites Big Cheers From The Crowd

Fans who went to see the match between LA Galaxy and FC Dallas last night certainly got quite a show when David Beckham was forced to strip down to his underwear during the game.

Apparently Beckham had cut his finger just before game time and was forced to change shirts twice and then eventually had to strip off his shorts because of the blood on them as well. When he pulled off his shorts, the stadium went crazy.

And to prove he actually can garner screams for his soccer skills, Beckham scored a goal in the 33rd minute of the game. LA Galaxy beat the opposing team 2-1. After the match, Beckham was joined by his kids and planted a kiss right on his son Cruz.

We now return you to David Beckham in his underwear, which is not as salacious as the W magazine spread or Giorgio Armani underwear ads but, hey, we take what we can get.