David Beckham Shows Off Baby Harper [PHOTOS]

The Beckham Girls
Eva Longoria holds on to Harper Beckham.
Beckham In London
David Beckham Parties With Prince Harry In London
And what a proud papa that David Beckham must be. After mother, Victoria Beckham, debuted her line at New York’s Fashion Week, the Beckham clan headed to a fancy New York lunch. I’m sure Harper was just thrilled with it. Harper has been quite the accessory on Posh Spice’s arm all week, and I’m sure they’ve both loved it. 

David looked fabulous and dapper in a snazzy suit. Sure we’d all appreciate if he wasn’t wearing any clothes like in his Superbowl commercial, but hey, sometimes he’s gotta suit up. I’m really digging little bundled up Harper. You can’t tell how chunky she is cause she’s wearing so many layers. Side note: I love chunky babies. 

Launch the gallery to appreciate Harper’s variety of faces. That girl is a regular clown. I’m really hoping she stays that way. Like, what other 6 month old sticks her tongue out at photographers? Love it.