David Beckham Pushes Hard For 2018 World Cup In England

David Beckham won’t give up without a fight on the field and is bringing that same mentality to the English bid to host the 2018 World Cup. The soccer star has thrown his weight into the bid, pictured campaigning hard today in Zurich, along with Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince William.

“We’ve got ourselves in a great position, this week is just putting the icing on it,” the LA Galaxy player said. “All the way through my career, especially playing for Manchester United, I know how important it is to keep playing right up until the last minute. A lot of the big games I have won throughout my career have been won in the last 10 minutes, so we will keep going right until the last minute and that is Thursday.”

Tony Blair has also thrown a great deal of support to a dream that has special significance to Beckham. After a major leg injury earlier this year, he was unable to play in this summer’s highly successful World Cup in South Africa. While Beckham will probably be too old to play in eight years, the soccer star hopes to leave a final legacy to the sport.

“If and when we do get the World Cup in our county,” he said, “there’s no one better than our media to get behind it and generate excitement.”