David Beckham Poses With Cristiano Ronaldo At Real Madrid Training Camp

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Cristiano Ronaldo sported a backwards cap as he arrived with new boss Carlo Ancelotti to Real Madrid training session in LA yesterday (July 29, 2013).

The superstar arrived at UCLA training facility to begin their preseason tour of the US starting in Los Angeles. New boss chatted with Ronaldo as they were driven in the golf buggy to the changing room before a practice session in LA.

Then a special guest arrived in the form of David Beckham

Beckham, who retired in May after a final fling at Paris Saint-Germain, thought he would lend his former team-mates some support on their four-stop tour of the US.

David stopped to pose for photo with a few members of Real Madrid, including the one above with Cristiano Ronaldo. So much pretty in one photo!

Check out all the pics of Cristiano at training camp by launching the gallery!

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