David Beckham Makes A Stop Before Bringing The Olympic Torch Home [PHOTOS]

Before heading back to England with the torch, David Beckham stopped by the Experimental University School of Athens today (May 18th) to pose with lucky fans.  Wearing an orange sweatshirt, Beckham held a head wreath, traditionally worn by victorious athletes in the original Olympic games.

You’re trying to distract the rest of us with Becks’ good looks, England.  I just know it.  You’ll bring him, Kate Middleton and anyone else you’ve got out during the opening ceremonies and poof!  Everyone is too taken by the good-looking Brits to win a gold medal.

Beckham arrived back in the UK via British Airways flight 2012 (how fitting) along with Princess Anne, London mayor Boris Johnson, Olympics chairman Seb Coe, and yes, the flame, which was secured in seat 1A. 

“It has been an incredible week to be with the team in Athens. It is a very proud moment for everybody,” Beckham, who lit the first torch, told the Mirror after landing in Cornwall.  “It is just amazing, Seb and the team have done an incredible job.  As a nation, we will have an amazing couple of months.”

The 2012 London games begin on July 27th, with what is sure to be a spectacular opening ceremony.  Tomorrow morning begins the tradition relay, covering 8,000 of Britain and Ireland.