David Beckham, Kellan Lutz, Robin Thicke Look Handsome At The 15th Annual GQ Men Of The Year Awards

David Beckham Strips
Becks is in his underwear for his H&M campaign.
Oh you guys! You know when the word “GQ” is in the title that it’s going to be a good event.

Some of Hollywood’s hottest men hit the red carpet in Berlin today for the 15th annual GQ Men of the Year Awards. Clearly the belle of the ball was David Beckham, who was also picking up a Style Icon award. Obviously he looked stylish. Too bad that wife Victoria Beckham wasn’t on his arm. That would have been amazing.

But David wasn’t the only hot dude on the red carpet. 

Super buff guy Kellan Lutz also suited up for the event. I’m gonna be honest, I’m a little sad he’s not showing off his abs, but I guess a suit is still pretty sexy. If there was one disappointment tonight, it’s gotta be Robin Thicke. Not that he didn’t look great, but I feel like he could have gone fancier for GQ.

Launch the gallery to check out more looks from the red carpet including Kylie Minogue in a gorgeous white gown. Fun fact: she picked up the Gentlewoman of the Year award. Go Kylie. I think all events from now on should be sponsored by GQ. Yes? Yes.