David Beckham Keeps Fit With SoulCycle While The Rest Of The Beckhams Take The Ice Bucket Challenge

Best Dressed Beckham!
Romeo was named one of Britain's best dressed kids.
Listen you guys, sometimes I just really like writing about David Beckham.

And if I get to write about the rest of my favorite family in a post, then so be it. But first, David. The athlete/model/entrepreneur/kickass human was keeping himself fit today with a quick dash to SoulCycle. It’s his new favorite thing. I just watched people SoulCycling once and was exhausted. No idea how he does it.

But, like I’ve said, he has to keep himself in tip top shape for any surprise shirtless moments that come his way. Like the ice bucket challenge. 

David was one of the few celebs who took the challenge with no shirt on. I appreciate that. I also appreciate that the rest of the Beckhams got in on the fun. Victoria Beckham posted her challenge as well as son Cruz’s on Twitter today. This is something I never thought I’d see Victoria do. And she called out Katie Holmes. I guess they’re still friends?

My favorite challenge though is Cruz. Not just because his is really cute, but because at the end of it you can heard David say, “Harper’s turn!” To which Harper gives a flat out, “No.” Her baby British accent is the cutest. Check out the challenges below, and launch the gallery for some David hotness. Now Orlando Bloom, do a challenge. Please.