David Beckham & Justin Bieber Both Spotted At Basketball Game, One Of Them Is An Ass

David Beckham In Undies
David Beckham is spotted wearing green underwear!
Last night must have been quite a field day for fans in Miami as the Heat took on the Pacers, and not just cause the Heat won.

It was obviously because sitting court side were David Beckham and Justin Bieber. Not sitting together, of course. David has more self-respect than that. The soccer icon was without his perfect family last night as he and a few billionaire friends enjoyed the game. Rumor has it that David is looking to invest in a professional soccer team in Miami.

Justin was spotted sitting with a bunch of members of his entourage as a well as all the security teams in the world. 

No but really, Justin made a security guard stand behind him. A giant “could kick your ass with one finger” security guard. And that security guard totally blocked the way for everyone sitting behind Justin. Dude that sucks.

Justin also made sure to keep his sunglasses on the entire time. Listen, I know he’s 19, but I just cannot deal with him anymore. Not even a little. I mean, have you kept up with the crap he’s been doing lately?

Also, look at that Selena Gomez look-a-like he’s with. Maybe he and Ms. Gomez are really done this time, despite their backstage kiss. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from last night’s game. Think David was a gentleman while Justin was a douche? Sound off in the comments!