David Beckham Is Showing Off His Flawless Shirtless Body For His Latest H&M Line

David Beckham's Prank
Beckham pulls a fast one on Target customers.
Oh what’s that? You were browsing the web wishing that there was some, beyond sexy, shirtless hottie for you to stare at?

Well get excited! Because that’s what David Beckham is here for. The former football star is showing off his perfectly perfect abs for his latest H&M Autumn/Winter 2014 Bodywear collection.

I don’t understand why they insist on putting clothes on him for some of it. Don’t they know that David is better when we can see everything–bulge and all! 

H&M also shared this sexy photo on Instagram.

Yes friends, this is a good day indeed. Oh! And this means there’s going to be giant David posters all over the H&M stores. Yay! Launch the gallery to check out more from the H&M line. Your sexy quota for the day is filled. You’re welcome.