David Beckham Is Making Us Week In The Knees As He Heads To China

David Beckham's Undies
David Beckham unveils new underwear ads.
Well hello David Beckham! Look at you, working that smirk.

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen David’s beautiful face around town, so it’s good to have the soccer star back. David is currently spending some time in China where his goal is to promote soccer around the country.

Listen, if David can make soccer a thing once again in America, then I’m sure he can make it the national sport in China. Wait, does China have a national sport? I mean, I could say ping-pong, but that just feels wrong. Now, back to David. 

I think he should have brought one of his sons along. Maybe Cruz. He seems really into playing soccer. Or he could have brought Harperand put her in a tiny jersey. Imagine the cuteness!!!

And now friends, launch the gallery to enjoy all the beauty coming from David and his suit. David should always wear a suit. Or his underwear. I’m OK with both of those things.