David Beckham Is In Talks To Purchase A Sports Team, I’m Officially A Soccer Fan

Aw, Sad Face!
David discusses his last football game.
What do you buy the man who has everything?

The answer is nothing because if he wants something, he’ll just buy it himself.

David Beckham is in talks to be buying a soccer (or football depending on what you prefer) team in Miami.

Five minutes ago I didn’t really fancy the sport. Hearing about the super hot, retired soccer player having his own team has certainly piqued my interests.

It isn’t all sunshine and honey, however.

A team needs a stadium to play in, right? As of right now, Beckham’s team doesn’t have a stadium. They’re not set to play until 2016 which would give them plenty of time (hopefully) to get themselves a home.

Politically, the Miami-Dale County mayor could get in the way. In the past he “opposed the use of public money for privately operated sports facilities.”

I think another important aspect of creating a soccer team is coming up with a name. Do you think Beckham already has something in mind, or will he have to do some brainstorming?

Has your interest in the sport grown in the past couple of minutes? Probably, right?

Check out the gallery of the soon-to-be team owner and let us know what you think it should be called in the comments below!