David Beckham To Be Interviewed By Google, Takes His Adorable Boys To Lunch [VIDEO]

Beckham In London
David Beckham Parties With Prince Harry In London
David Beckham will be dropping by Google headquarters this week to be interviewed by staff and fans who are currently posting questions for him online. He follows the lead of celebs like Lady Gaga and Will.i.am. who have used the opportunity to connect with their fan base and become more relatable. Beckham will then hang out with Google+ users and super fans after the interview. He is such a charmer in this video clip!

Seen here, soccer star David Beckham is spotted out for lunch with his two adorably handsome sons Romeo and Cruz in Santa Monica, California on January 13th. Beckham seems like a really laid back dad who always makes sure to spend time with his kids. You’ve got to love a good man like that, not to mention he is one sexy stud. 

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