David Beckham Shares A Few Photos From His H&M Underwear Ad Campaign [PHOTOS]

The Beckham Girls
Eva Longoria holds on to Harper Beckham.
Hello there, David Beckham’s underwear!  After teasing us with paparazzi shots from his Guy Ritchie-directed television ads, the footballer showed off a few images from his campaign.

“Here are a few campaign shots from my latest H&M range,” Beckham posted on his Facebook page.  “More to come this week..”

In early October, a bus full of tourists caught Beckham posing for the new ad in Beverly Hills.  Ever the gracious celebrity, Beckham laughed and greeted the lucky ducks before resuming work. 

Beckham just signed a five-month contract with Paris St Germaine’s football team.  His family, however, will remain in London and his salary will be donated to charity.  Beckham will earn roughly $3100 a month, the minimum wage for French footballers.