Be Still My Heart: David Beckham Tends To Daughter Harper [PHOTOS]

Harper At The '12 Games
The tot geared up for her first Olympics.
OMFG.  Is there anything cuter than David Beckham zipping up his 19-month-old daughter’s red parka?  Flip through the other pictures and then tell me if you’ve seen anything cuter in the last month.

Becks, who is now officially with Paris St. Germain (and the bulk of his paycheck with charity), took the kids to a West London park today (February 18th) for a spot of fresh air and football.  Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham is making the rounds London Fashion Week.

Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn Beckham kicked around a soccer ball while Harper Beckham kept taking off her red mittens (yet held tight to her sippy cup). 

Later on in the day, the entire family cleaned up to celebrate Cruz Beckham’s birthday (which, according to the Daily Mail, is officially on Wednesday).