David Beckham & His Handsome Face Head To France & Sign With Paris Saint-Germain [PHOTOS]

David Beckham's Undies
David Beckham unveils new underwear ads.
Well hello David Beckham! Look at you being all sexy in your suit and tie.

The soccer stud was in Paris earlier today announcing his future in the world of soccer. After finishing up his contract with the LA Galaxy back in December, a lot of people speculated that David would retire from the spot and enjoy some time at home.

Looks like that’s not happening! David announced today that he has signed a 5 month deal with French team, Paris Saint-Germain. Seriously, I love how he plays for soccer teams all over the world. But the fact that he’ll be playing with Paris Saint-Germain wasn’t even the coolest part of the announcement! 

That was when David revealed that he wouldn’t actually be getting a salary for his time with the team. Instead, his salary will go to charity. “I won’t receive any salary,” he told the press. “We have decided my salary will go towards a local children’s charity in Paris and that is one of the things we are very excited and proud to do.”

He’s beautiful, he’s talented and he’s generous. Love it! Sadly, this means that the Beckham clan will be leaving Los Angeles for good as Victoria and the kids will live in London during his 5 month Paris stint. Have fun! Are you excited for the next chapter in David’s life? Want to hold him close? Let us know in the comments!