David Beckham Glides Through The Air In His Underwear For H&M

David Beckham For H&M
Becks is on the rooftops in his undies.
David Beckham's Undies
David Beckham unveils new underwear ads.
David Beckham Caught
David Beckham has been caught in his undies!
David Beckham was back on the set of his H&M commercial for day two os shooting. This time David got to glide through the air in his underwear while handing on to a strap. He was also safely strung up in a harness as well.

Eight months ago Becks filmed an H&M ad that showed him in his underwear as he pretended to be locked out of his house. Rumor had it that he used of a body double, but David told fans, “I can say the crotch is mine and the backside is mine.”

Take a look at the pics of David Beckham in action while only wearing underwear by launching the gallery.