David Beckham Gets Shirtless And Shows Off His Bulge For New H&M Ad

David Beckham's Prank
Beckham pulls a fast one on Target customers.
Well it must be our lucky day because we’ve got shirtless David Beckham showing off his new swimsuit collection for H&M.

Honestly, his H&M deal might be the great celebrity endorsement of all time. He makes loads of money, H&M makes loads of money and we are always rewarded with shirtless David photos. It’s the best of all worlds.

See that serious face of his? That must be where son Brooklyn learned all his own modeling skills

So, I’m all for dudes wearing these David Beckham Bodywear swimsuits, but isn’t it a little weird that they have his name written on them in giant font? Do you see?

David Beckham Swimwear Shirtless H&M

OK, well I guess it doesn’t look at big when half of David is covered in shadows and you’re not looking at his crotch dead on.

Ah David, so handsome, so talented, such a lovely family–I applaud you sir. Make sure to check out the collection when it expands and hits stores on May 22. Hopefully that means there will be more photos.