David Beckham Brings The Kids To Soccer Practice, Adorableness Ensues [PHOTOS]

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One of the coolest parts about having David Beckham as a dad has got to be the free soccer tips!

We’re sure that David was doling them out today as all the Beckham kids joined David at practice in Paris. While Harper didn’t look to be having too much fun–she would probably rather be brunching with mommy–the boys seemed to be having a grand ole’ time.

Brooklyn is slowly becoming my favorite Beckham. He seems so in charge of everything that’s going on. Plus, he and Harper still kill me with their cuteness. Love them. Romeo and Cruz are pretty adorable as well. Although Cruz looks have been truly upset by something. 

Think his older brothers were ragging on him a little bit? I mean, he is the baby boy. That’s got a be tough place to be. Also! Why doesn’t Brooklyn get a Beckham jersey? That seems unfair. Romeo and Cruz are sporting theirs, it only seems fair Brooklyn get one too. Ooo! Someone should make a dress version for Harper. How cute would that be?

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the Beckham boys enjoying soccer. There was even some fun hill rolling action that took place. Life must be truly wonderful in the Beckham family. Truly.