David Beckham And Harper On Kiss Cam, Plus Tom Cruise!

David Beckham Caught
David Beckham has been caught in his undies!
Now that is one adoring father.

The Beckhams, along with Tom Cruise, attended an NHL playoff game between the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings at Staples Center last night (May 28, 2013) in Los Angeles, California.

The Kiss Cam captured a touching moment between David Beckham and his little girl. As the camera focused in on his family while they watched the playoffs, David showered his daughter Harper Beckham with kisses. As you can see, she was clearly thrilled with the attention. 

But the Beckhams weren’t the only famous family watching the game that day, Cruise and his son Connor were sat in front of their good pals, the Beckhams.

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