David Arquette Is Rebounding With 5 Blondes

David Arquette seems to be a-ok with his split from Courteney Cox, hanging out last night with friends at a club in Hollywood. But his friends didn’t get that much attention because shortly after he arrived, Arquette was seen snuggling up with five blondes.

The Scream star was spotted in a t-shirt with a big grin on his face as he entered the Las Palmas Lounge, showing off his tats, including a very bizarre one of a mother duck leading some ducklings. I’ve seen worse I guess.

Arquette spent about an hour and a half at the club, drinking vodka and chatting on the patio about his new Roosevelt Hotel nightclub-meets-theater venture, David Arquette Presents: Beacher’s Madhouse, whatever the hell that is.

At one point in the night he was spotted talking to not one, not two, but five blondes! One of the ladies even tried kissing him on the lips but was unsuccessful because Arquette pulled away from her.

Arquette left around 2 a.m. with a guy friend. Oh really? I still think this picture sums up the whole breakup of his marriage.