Dave Grohl Quote Of The Day

August 29th, 2005 // 12 Comments

“I have met Christina Aguilera, but I didn’t fuck her. I wanted to, but she’s a little baby kid, so I couldn’t do that.”

Foo Fighters Dave Grohl Slams Christina Aguilera Rumour [FemaleFirst]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Icequeen

    I’d totally do Dave Grohl.

    Too bad I’m not much older than Christina.

  2. He’s such a sexy bitch.

  3. Lisa

    He’s definetly on my “list.”

    My list of celebrities I never have a chance with……

  4. Kelly

    ewwwww seriously you all have bad taste

  5. Lisa

    Hey Kelly,

    If you think that is bad, I also have a thing for Jack White (White Stripes).

  6. Alexis Colby

    foo fighters are boring. he is adorable, but what about Xtina? what the hell is she doing to herself the last years? dirty, ugly, …2006 ???

  7. April

    Christina is actaully better than she was before years ago. She has been in a monogomous relationship and is engaged. She even took out all of her piercings, except for one and she is dressing classier. How is that worse than she was before, Alexis?

    I would totally do him and Jack White, too!!!!

  8. Me

    Christina is ok, the ones who are doin bad are Paris, always drunk Tara, even Britney who got married drunk, got married again with some white trash, in her show you could see how trashy she is, etc.

  9. Alexis Colby

    there is a difference between garbage and trash.

  10. emily

    what the fuk ! are YOU on about???!!! dave grohl is like the best thing since, since denim!!!!
    seriously, imagine a world without denim.

    now imagine it without mr.grohl and his music.
    …yeah whats the point in living in THAT world???

  11. Tess

    I think Dave fucking Grohl rocks the planet. He’s a fucking legend. Fair enough what he said about Christina Aguilera. And I TOTALLY agree with emily… not about denim tho.

  12. Amen, Emily.

    You’ve got it goin on. And so does Dave. He’s the greatest!

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