Dave Chappelle Is Battling The Crazies

May 12th, 2005 // 12 Comments

Wacky comedian takes on a whole new meaning with this latest development. Taking a page out of the Martin Lawrence handbook, it seems that comedian Dave Chappelle is in need of some mental help.

Chappelle flew from Newark, N.J., to South Africa on April 28 for treatment, said the magazine, quoting a source close to the show it would not identify. Entertainment Weekly said it had corroborating sources for its story.

“We don’t know where he is,” Comedy Central spokesman Tony Fox said. “We’ve heard about South Africa. We don’t know. We haven’t talked to Dave.” Chappelle’s spokesman, Matt Labov, would not comment on the magazine’s story.

“It seems like the issues he’s contending with are really quite serious,” said Dade Hayes, a senior editor at Entertainment Weekly. “It isn’t a case of him spending a weekend someplace recuperating from exhaustion.” The magazine’s sources say Chappelle is still in the facility, which was not named, Hayes said. Chappelle’s representatives have denied that the comedian was abusing drugs.

If you re-watch some of the comedian’s shows on Comedy Central, they take on a slightly different hue.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ma

    Supposedly he is Muslim and it is against his religion to do drugs.

  2. Ella

    Call me retarded, but isn’t it against all religions to do drugs? Well, except Rhastapharians…

  3. ma

    im sure it is but not everyone practices a religion.

  4. Some religions do allow for the use of drugs.

    What about the use of Peyote by various groups of Native Americans in the Southwest and Mexico?

    And, it’s spelled RASTAFARIAN!!!

  5. here is the formula: struggle for years. make it. party and do too many drugs. lose all you worked for. do comeback interview with barbara walters. have someone ghostwrite your book. get new show.

  6. Ella

    Sorry Lilly, didn’t know you were the expert in drugs, religion and spelling!

  7. saint

    he’s hilarious, some of the craziest people are the funniest

  8. Hey, it happened to Jonathan Winters too. He needed a break and took one. I wish all people in that situation could take a break instead of driving everyone they come in contact with insane.

  9. Dave is great at what he does, and I am sure this will make for the best comeback since Mariah! Eek, maybe not.

    Oh Ella, I didn’t say I was an expert on anything, I just read. It’s amazing what wacky things you learn about when you read something other than Harry Potter! None of those things are regarded as mystical knowledge So sorry you missed that class. And, thanks for being a smarta$$ when I actually resisted calling you retarded when you suggested it.

    Half a$$ed cattiness aside, Dave is cool and will be fine.

  10. Ella

    Never saw Harry Potter. Did see Dirty Harry though. Any relevance?

  11. Joe

    dave is the funniest mo fo out there he cant go crazy cuz people people dont go crazy! (o.j. doesnt count)

  12. medea

    He has to be crazy to be that damn funny!I wish him the best! He should realize that his fans can turn against him just like Martin! He want be able to get a deal for 98.00

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