Dave Franco’s First Ever ‘Real Sex Scene’ in Neighbors Was Apparently a Disaster

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Dave Franco Chelsea Lately

Dave Franco has some not so saucy news for all of us.

Sex scenes on the big screen really aren’t as hot as you think they are…in fact, according to Franco they’re “nerve-wracking.”

The 28 year-old actor, also known for being the younger brother to James Franco, had a lot of firsts on the set of his newest film Neighbors.

Between breaking Zac Efron’s hand with his “balls of steal” (no, really we aren’t kidding), to getting to act in the same scenes as Comedic legend Seth Rogen, it’s clear that Dave really gained some memorable moments while filming the comedy.

But perhaps the biggest - if not the most shocking – on set first for Franco was the fact that he had never done a sex scene prior to acting in Neighbors!

Dave had appeared on Chelsea Lately this past Thursday, May 8th, and dished some details on his first-ever sex scene live on TV.

“It was my first real sex scene where I show my butt,” the actor told Chelsea Handler while visiting the show. The crowd went wild over this new found information but Franco insisted that it really wasn’t all as great as it sounded, ”You’re not going to have that reaction when you see it on the big screen,” the star continued. “It was nerve-wracking.”

Funny, I guess we never thought of it like that, but then again simulated sex is a weird thing to do, especially with someone who you have just met.

“I was pretty nervous. I met the girl the day before, and she was beautiful and very sweet,” he said of his costar Halston Sage. “But it’s awkward. You meet each other and then you’re grinding. You don’t even know her name… barely.”

I suppose he may not have been as “nervous” if the Hollywood hunk hasn’t discovered an unwanted friend the morning before filming that made it’s new home his butt cheek.

“You have 20 crew members who are also watching you do it, and of course, for me, I woke up that morning and had a giant pimple on my ass! I had to go to the makeup artist, who I had also met that week, and had to be like can we go into the other room and you’ll put makeup—literally—on my ass…?”

In addition to all of these ridiculous developments – that were certainly not planned for the scene – the scene required another actor’s character to walk in on Franco while he was having sex with a direct eye view of his buns.

“He has this view of me that no one should have,” Franco says. “He essentially had a staring contest with my brown eye and lost.”


I don’t know about all y’all but we are excited to see how that scene plays out.

Today marks the wide release of Neighbors in theaters everywhere – so run to the movies to see Dave Franco’s awkward sex scene today!

By Camilla Werner-Longo

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