Dave Franco’s Awkward Interview

Better Looking Brother?
James Franco for Gucci.
Move that cute little patootie over, James Franco. Your little brother, Dave Franco, is proving that he’s star quality in the making.

Aside from saddling up to A-stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in the upcoming 21 Jump Street, the actor is proving he’s on-camera, hot seat ready in an awkward interview with Oyster #97, which hit news stands last week.

Read on for an interview that will make you say… whaaaaat?


Who do you play on 21 Jump Street? Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum play two undercover cops who infiltrate this high school to stop the spread of…

AIDS?Yes, exactly. Um, no.

Go on. Sorry. They’re trying to stop the spread of this new drug called HFS, and I play the drug dealer — who happens to be very eco-friendly, despite selling the most inorganic drug ever made…

Is this supposed to be based on some real drug that actually exists? Like, Adderall, or MDMA, or… No, it’s completely made-up.

Tell me things girls are gonna wanna masturbate to… Jesus Christ!

Is Johnny Depp really in the movie? Or is that all just a sham? [Laughs] It’s all a hoax! No, he was there — for just one day.

I knew it! Just like you in Superbad! He was a great sport! When people see the movie and see what the directors put him through… He had a great time. He stayed much longer than he needed to and he seemed like he was having a great time. He was having fun.

Tell me about your other brother — you know, the one that nobody cares about. Tom Franco is the coolest one!

Somehow I doubt the described 21 Jump Street plot is anything like his current move in-progress, as seen here with Mark Ruffalo on the Now You See Me set.