Dave Franco Brings The Sexy As He Talks ‘Now You See Me’ & Zac Efron’s Injury

Dave Franco For Bullett
Dave Franco shows some skin for fashion.
Guys, something incredibly happened today. Dave Franco became my favorite Franco brother. Yup. That happened.

The super adorable actor was spotted in Hollywood yesterday (June 4) as he rocked some plaid while heading to Jimmy Kimmel Live. His interview was pretty hysterical. You can check it out after the jump. Dave has been making the interview rounds as he promotes his latest flick, Now You See Me.

As exciting as that is, I am way more exacted about the movie Dave just finished working on, Townies. You know, Townies, the one that shows off a shirtless Zac Efron every other day

So, remember Zac’s hand injury? Well we finally figured out the details of how it happened. Dave told Interview Magazine, “I beat the sh-t out of Zac Efron. No, no, it was a freak accident. It shouldn’t have happened, but in the heat of the moment, he smashed his hand on the ground out of frustration during the scene, and he hit it the wrong way and fractured it, but it’s totally fine now.”

Umm, ouch. Well as long as everything is good now. I can’t wait to see Dave Franco in a whole lot more movies. The guys is super talented and very attractive. Here’s looking at you, Franco!