‘Date Night’ Premiere Night In New York

Steve Carell and Tina Fey joined the cast of Date Night and their friends at the Ziegfeld Theatre last night for the movie’s New York premiere. Several cast members from 30 Rock attended and Fey joked “It was not mandatory, “but it was strongly recommended.”

The films director and stars are showed a lot of love on the red carpet. Shawn Levy said that thanks to his creative stars “a good 20% of the film is unscripted.” Carell praised his costar saying “She’s not unlike my own wife: smart and funny and beautiful.” Meanwhile Fey said she was glad to have Carell by her side for a-soon-to-be-famous stripper-pole scene. “Knowing Steve would be there, too, made it easier because I knew I had a partner in humiliation,” she said.

Serena Williams gets my prize for fiercest ensemble with weirdest fringe ever going to Leighton Meester. Even the girl behind her in the phtoto pulled a what-was-she-thinking face. PS when did Hank Azaria go Mr. Clean?

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