Daryl Hannah Finds Something To Do

June 13th, 2006 // 8 Comments

No, that isn’t Daryl Hannah trying to rescue a kitchen, she’s a protestin’. Darryl Hannah was evicted from a walnut tree (things really must be rough for the actress) on Tuesday and removed dozens of other protesters from a Los Angeles community garden destined for destruction. All this time, I did not realize that Daryl Hannah was homeless.

Hannah, protesters evicted from LA urban garden [Reuters]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Vix

    The South Central Farm is not just a “community garden”, it’s the largest urban farm in the country. The land was given to the community following the Rodney King Riots in the early 1990s. Recently the city went behind the people’s backs and sold it to a developer who will raze it and put in a warehouse instead.

  2. You’re wrong, Vix. As I stated in my post, linked above, the city provided several smaller plots to make up for the sale of this one. The developer is putting in a warehouse in order to recoup the $25K+ he’s losing per month on that land.

  3. allie

    Hi JohnJ:

    The developer re-purchased the land for $5 million only a few years ago at a way-below market rate. He got the deal of a lifetime on the land so to hear him whining when he stands to profit over $11 million from the money raised by a bunch of poor farmers is just embarassing.

    And you say the city has relocated the farmers, but I want to know — Are they going to a spot where they can be a community– creating an oasis with farmers markets and cultural events like they did at South Central Farm? Is it a spot ready to be harvested so that the farmers and their families can eat tomorrow? And will it be the largest urban garden in the country?

    This whole relocation story is a dog and pony show for us to buy so we don’t feel so bad that 350 low income families just lost their primary food source.

    A few plots here and there, scattered around South Central, that aren’t ready to be farmed, can in no way make up for the community center that this farm was and still could be if Horowitz takes the offer he had originally agreed to.

  4. d.c.

    Daryl Hannah Up Tree For “Newly Arrived” Gardeners

    June 13, 2006

    RUSH: All right, CNN has not left this story. CNN still has their cameras trained on the tree in which Daryl Hannah is sitting. She occupied the tree on behalf of the “newly arrived” who are garden farmers in this plot of land. Now, just to demonstrate to you how we are on the cutting edge of societal evolution, what is this, June 13th? A week ago, one week ago, I did the morning update on this story. So as a means of bringing you up to speed and getting the story in context for you, let me repeat the morning update. This will tell you what this is all about; then we’ll tell you what’s happening today.

    In the 1980s, Los Angeles, using eminent domain, seized 14 acres owned by a developer named Ralph Horowitz. They paid him $4.8 million for these 14 acres. The city of Los Angeles then planned to build a trash incinerator on these 14 acres. It fell through when the largely African-American neighborhood objected and said, “We don’t want a trash incinerator in the neighborhood.” So the City of Los Angeles turned the property over to the Regional Food Bank — yes, the Regional Food Bank — which then allowed people to set up plots on the 14 acres for gardens. Well, in 2003, Ralph Horowitz sued the city to get his property back, and he did get it back — after paying $5 million for it, which is a couple hundred thousand more than he had been paid back in the 1980s.

    It’s his property now. It’s not the food bank’s. It’s not the city’s. It’s his, and now he wants to put a large warehouse on the site. But there’s a problem. There are 350 garden plots on it, as remnants of when the food bank ran the property, and if they’re not going to let him put a large warehouse on the site. He is demanding $16 million for his property to once again sell it. It is 20 years later. Well, that decision has set off a confrontation between the gardeners. Now, who are these 350 people, these people that are gardening these 350 plots? Well, in the news they are described as “newly arrived Hispanics,” ladies and gentlemen.

    They are illegal aliens, but they are described in the news as “newly arrived Hispanics.” So the gardeners (the newly arrived Hispanics), the developer, and busybody Hollywood celebrities are now in a battle over keeping these 14 acres for the newly arrived Hispanics so they can run their gardens. The gardeners, the newly arrived Hispanics, went to court to fight eviction from the 14 acre property, and they lost.

    A fund-raiser did not generate enough money in order to buy the property so the newly arrived Hispanics could continue to plot their gardens, so Hollywood elites are now taking up the cause and that’s how Daryl Hannah ends up, from a mermaid into a tree occupier in the image of Julia “Butterfly” Hill. Danny Glover, well-known social activist, showed up and he told the newly arrived Hispanic gardeners to stay put, and then he left. Daryl Hannah, Joan Baez, well-known communist sympathizer, Martin Sheen and Ed Begley, Jr. showed up. He showed up on his bicycle. After they showed up, they left. A bunch of environmentalist wackos have taken up encampments. They’re now camping out to show solidarity and support with the newly arrived gardeners. The newly arrived Hispanic gardeners are vowing to ignore the eviction order, so that’s where they are today.

    The Hollywood types, they could alleviate the situation. There’s only 350, the maximum 350, of these newly arrived Hispanic farmers. I mean, that’s how many plots, I don’t know how many people, but whatever, even if it’s 700, these Hollywood types can invite the newly arrived Hispanics to set up gardens on their big plantation properties, estates, whatever, but, oh, no, no, no, no, no, they’re not going to do that. Or the newly arrived Hispanics could simply be presented a gift of $16 million. Let the Hollywood elites do a fund-raiser among themselves. What would it take to raise 16 million bucks, maybe five minutes if they really cared? Instead, oh, no, not doing anything — instead, the newly arrived Hispanic gardeners are being urged to break the law by well known Hollywood elites who show up and then leave, which gives us a perfect lesson in compassion. Hollywood elites helping the little guy by urging them to continue to break the law.

    So they’re not leaving, Mr. Horowitz has been patient, the city has been patient, but finally the straw that broke the camel’s back has been broken, and that is Daryl Hannah up in a tree refusing to leave. Dozens of sheriffs deputies began evicting the newly arrived gardeners, Hispanic gardeners from the 14-acre urban garden early today as protesters chained themselves to barrels of concrete and others, including the actress Daryl Hannah, secured themselves in a large walnut tree. Daryl Hannah went up there with her cell phone, said, “I’m very confident this is the morally right thing to do to take a principled stand in solidarity with the newly arrived Hispanic farmers.” Asked if she was willing to risk arrest, she said, “I am planning on holding my position.” Well, they’re up there with chainsaws now.

    “About 350 people grow produce and flowers on the privately owned land, in a gritty, inner-city area surrounded by warehouses and train tracks. County sheriff’s Sgt. Val Rosario said about 65 deputies from the civil management unit, along with support staff including riot forces, showed up around daybreak Tuesday to serve an eviction order that a judge signed last month. ‘It’s a massive show of force,’ said environmental activist John Quigley.” That’s what it says: John Quigley Quigley. Like “Rush Limbaugh Limbaugh.” He was in the walnut tree along with Daryl Hannah.

    He said, “Our goal is to hold as firm as we can, obviously in a nonviolent manner.” Well, it’s going to be tough to hold on once the chainsaws complete their work. “Deputies used saws to cut down the chain-link fence around the site. Inside, they sawed through chains used by some protesters to attach themselves to large barrels of concrete. Quigley said he could see sparks flying as they worked and complained that authorities had removed legal observers from the inside the farm. ‘It’s really an unsafe situation,’ Quigley said. ‘There’s no legal observers in here. … Basically we need legal observers in here to guarantee people’s safety.’ Several dozen protesters gathered outside the area, sporadically chanting, ‘We’re here and we’re not going to leave’ in Spanish and blowing whistles. Some flooded onto a street and disrupted truck traffic in the area.”

    The cops are not illegal, John Quigley Quigley. Cops are the legal observers. If you need some legal observers, how do you get more legal as an observer than a cop or a bunch of cops? So that’s what’s happening out there, and CNN’s found this fascinating. They just left coverage, but they’ve been going at it. Well, now Fox is on it. They’re playing tag-team out there, CNN drops it, Fox picks it up. I wanted you to be informed as to what’s going on because the news reports, after the first one calling them newly arrived Hispanics, they’re just referred to as “people” and “gardeners.” They are illegals, ladies and gentlemen, but you won’t see that in any written account.

  5. The truth

    so it seems thata horowitz supporters have been hitting all the blogs that have posted this tidbit on the South Central Farm and it’s pathetic… you all post the same exact thing.

    Allie is right on this one.

    To those posting the same b.s.-really get more creative about your “spin”

  6. urbancowgrl

    d.c.: Thanks for clearing that up. Celebrities are looking for a way to get into the papers all the time. While I do think it’s sad that this center is being destroyed, I agree that if it’s being supported by illegal aliens, there should be NO dispute. I’m sure they would never hire these people as it is illegal. Why did the city allow aliens to work there if they knew about it? In the long run, knowingly allowing hundreds of people work illegally,(although they are very hard workers) will hurt the economy.

  7. jazz

    I’m so sick of celebrities who claim to support the “environment” and then support garbage like this.

    This is not environmentalism

    Why doesn’t she bring them to her yard?

  8. 2huskies

    How will “illegals” hurt the economy. We were all immigrants at some point. Should the Native Americans decide we’re hurting the economy and ship us up and out as well? Why is it always an “us against them” argument?

    This urban garden is in south central LA where the site was originally going to be used as a refuse waste site. Once those plans fell through, the city donated the land to various food bank organizations. This land has been cultivated and maintained by those in the neighborhood that would otherwise be unable to afford the fruits and vegetables they harvest for their employers, let alone organic! This is the only safe place in the neighborhoods that kids can run around unsupervised without their parents having to worry about being shot. People learn to do something productive with their time instead of learning a life of crime or how to be in a gang.

    Just another example of how news reports are being distorted so the land developer obtains sympathy. What is Horowitz going to build? Another Walmart? How about a little concern for humanity instead of the almighty dollar.

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