Darren Criss Visits Elvis Duran, Gives The Scoop On His Summer Tour [PHOTOS]

Darren Criss Goes Shirtless!
Criss Shows Off His Chest In 'Girl Most Likely' Trailer
Ever since 26-year-old Darren Criss announced his solo album and summer tour, fans have been buzzing with excitement.

Now the adorably handsome singer is giving more details about his tour which kicks off in his hometown of San Fransisco on May 29th. Apparently, tickets went on sale and were nearly sold out within minutes!

According to MTV, in addition to performing many of his fan favorite Glee songs and his EP album, Human, Criss will be performing a batch of new material to add to the show. 

“It’s pretty overwhelming. I’m really, really grateful. I’m just excited to see that people are just as excited as I am,” Criss said. “Anytime I have any endeavor, you kind of are taking a leap of faith into something, and I’m never assuming it’s going to go well. I’m that person that generally assumes things are going to go poorly. I set such a low bar for myself.”

Seen here,  Darren Criss visits Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show at Z100 Studio on April 30th in New York City. Darren’s gray crew knit sweater is really showing off his adorable complexion and eyes. The ladies love a little scruff on the face and he is pulling it off nicely. Can he be any more adorable? Swoon!