Darren Criss Talks ‘Klaine,’ Plus Watch An Unseen Christmas ‘Glee’ Scene With Chris Colfer [VIDEO]

'Glee' In NYC
The cast shot scenes in Central Park.
With each season of Glee the drama seems to be only escalating and this statement couldn’t be truer for characters Blaine (Darren Criss)  and Kurt (Chris Colfer). Check out this adorable on-screen couple in the “Box Scene” exempt from the show as a surprise gift is given to Kurt during the Christmas holiday on the series.

The fourth season is in the works, and Criss dishes on the details of next season including the music selection and which stars are expected for another appearance on the hit show.

On discussing Klaine , the nickname for the duo, and the challenges they are going to face as a couple Criss implies that the storyline is relatable to audiences. Criss tells The Hollywood Reporter “Challenge is good for any relationship,” Criss said. “So whether or not it ultimately is staying together or staying apart, I think it’s good for both of them to have some kind of medium factor in their lives.” he added.

With Kurt having graduated from McKinley High and Blaine validating his path as a senior at New Directions who knows where this relationship may lead. Along with Kurt a number of the cast members including Santana (Naya Rivera) and Finn (Corey Monteith) graduated high school, a new cast has been selected to appear on the next season. However these members arent written off forever from the show, Criss says in some degree all 15 stars from season 3 will make an appearance back on Glee.Among the newcomers are Mark Salling, Jacob Artist and Dean Geyer.

Criss also reveals the music selection in this season is nothing too far flung from what we have already been hearing all summer.”There will be some songs that feel like this is not a surprise at all,” said Criss.”Just do the math, popular summer songs, and then you hear them and you’re like oh yeah. This really isn’t shocking.” Call Me Maybe is a given.

The fourth season is set to air on September 13 at 9pm on the Fox channel.

Do you think Klaine will weather the storm and face the challenge or part separate ways after high school? Leave us your comments below!