Darren Criss Spills The Beans On ‘Glee’: Expect Twerking, Muppets And More!

November 8th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

So, you thought Adam Lambert on last night’s Glee was crazy? Well get ready, because the most dapper of the New Directions, played by Darren Criss, spilled about what to expect this season.

But first, have you by any chance heard about this newfangled thing called “twerking”? It’s what the kids are up to these days, and apparently it’s about to infiltrate McKinley High. This is going to be interesting:

…We have a lot of fun episodes coming up right away…we have an episode after [yesterday's] which is called ‘The End Of Twerk’ and that is really silly and kind of fun, too – you know, it wouldn’t be Glee if we didn’t sort of have our fun with the cultural pulse with twerking!

As the young’ns say, that’s totally tubular. What else can we look forward to, Darren?

We’ve got a lot of things! A lot of fun things…Ryan Murphy sort of spilled the beans on the puppets – that’s not coming up for a while!…I am a big Muppets fan and I was so excited because we shot this whole Muppets thing…there’s a Muppet puppet version of each of our Glee characters and they are all so cute. I get to do Queen’s ‘You’re My Best Friend’ with them – which was just a lot of fun to do, especially since I am such a big fan.

Wait, so you mean we’re going to see a Muppet doll version of Blaine Anderson? Oh Ryan Murphy, you splendid genius.

Criss also revealed that after Glee, he would like to return to the stage: “I love doing film and I love doing television,” he said, but admitted that “I am a theatre guy, born and bred – I’d always rather be doing a play, on a schedule, in the city, than anything else.”

But for now, let us revel in having Darren Criss appear on our TV screens. And check out the gallery to see Darren get excited – and I mean really excitedat the People’s Choice Nominations Press Conference earlier this week!

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By Mindy Lee

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