Darren Criss Set To Romance Kristen Wiig In Her New Film ‘Imogene’

Kristen Wiig has a new movie coming out, and she’ll be drawing inspiration from New Jersey’s (sewer) rat pack, Jersey Shore.  Behold Imogene, a tale of one woman who fakes suicide to get back with an ex, but ends up moving back in with her mother, played by Annette Bening.  Bening, as New York Magazine’s Vulture column explained, is a middle-aged version of Snooki with a gambling problem.  Vulture caught up with the film’s producer, Celine Rattray, who prepped us for Snooki in 20-30 years, and what kind of excess we’ll be subjected to (as if one hour per week isn’t enough): “Her outfits, her makeup. She’s the mother who’s a little inappropriate all the time, nothing is ever too much, and it’s going to be fun.”

VIDEO: Darren Criss Sings “Teenage Dream” On Glee

A member of the cast who will make all this New Jersey nonsense worth it?  Darren Criss, who will play a young love interest of Wiig’s when she moves back in with mom.  Huzzah!  Perhaps a little serenading or a stroll on the boardwalk to set the mood?  Criss certainly looked ready to croon at rehearsals for MusiCares Person Of The Year back in February.