Darren Criss Gushes About His Grooming Style

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Glee hottie, Darren Criss recently opened up to Details about his grooming routine.

It may be random, but oh so hot.

Darren dished, “The bottom line is giving a shit. Giving a shit is sexy—caring about your hygiene and grooming conveys confidence, and that’s always attractive.”

Hell yeah it is. If giving a shit is sexy, Darren gives so many shits

Criss also talks about how the hairdressers on the popular Fox show tame his naturally curly ‘do as well as confess that he hasn’t used a comb in over 15 years.

“I feel terrible for the hairdressers on Glee that have to pour gallons and gallons of gel and goblin’s blood or whatever the hell else they’re getting from the black market to tame my curly hair,” he confides. “Day to day, I stay away from combs… I don’t think I’ve combed my hair in 15 years.”

For anyone else, that last tidbit of information would be so cringe worthy but Darren gets a free pass on this one.

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