Darren Criss Covers Essential Homme [PHOTOS]

January 8th, 2013 // 1 Comment
Darren Criss at TIFF
Darren Criss At The 2012 Toronto International Film Festival
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Darren Criss is such a pleasure to listen to and to look at, so imagine my delight when I ran across his interview and photo shoot from Essential Homme.

The talented Glee actor talks about Glee of course, but also his loves of Broadway and Christmas. Check out some of the highlights below from the interview.

On the success of his first Glee performance, “Teenage Dream”:
“I don’t think you can ever have any sense of what happens, ever, in life. As an actor one wants to have a job. you do your best. You just – It’s my first day on set. Hope I make a good impression. What was that guy’s name again? Ok, be nice to that guy. Where do I go? Try not to piss anybody off! – That’s what was in my head!”

More from the interview…

On his love of Broadway:
“I’m such a Broadway fiend. I try to see everything that I can. Usually if I come to New York and I have the time I will be that guy who’ll see a show on Friday, two on Saturday, two on Sunday.”

On his love for Christmas:
I admit that I’m kind of sucker for Christmas. “So am I!” Criss exclaims. “Especially a New York Christmas! For the rest of the world it’s such an image of romantic comedy/ The lights, Rockefeller Center, everything being so magical.”

On his Glee future:
“You never know, TV shows aren’t like moves where you have a defined sort of beginning middle and end. Things can always change. He’s gonna graduate, and who knows what’s gonna happen after that. The kids who graduated last year, they didn’t know. But hopefully they’ll have me around. That’s all I can say! I’ll be a janitor or something.”

The issue hits newsstands January 15th.

By Miu von Furstenberg

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