Darren Criss, Chord Overstreet, and Lea Michelle Have A Blast On The Set Of Their Hit Show ‘Glee’

Lea Michele Films 'Glee'
Lea is pretty in fuchsia on set in New York City.
When Chord Overstreet and Lea Michelle were spotted leaving the JFK International Airport earlier, we weren’t quite sure why they were arriving in New York. These are Glee stars though, so as we know, they usually can’t stay calm or quiet for long.

Glee took to the streets of NYC today to film new scenes for the show. Among the actors dancing through the streets were Chord Overstreet, Lea Michelle, and Darren Criss, just a few of our favorites. The stars all looked fantastic, even bundled up, and were definitely having a blast together. 

Chord and Darren were dancing around, jumping in the air and displaying a whole lot of energy. Filming one of Glee’s musical scenes, maybe? I hope so, it looks like a fun one! Chord even gave Darren a piggyback ride a few times, although apparently that harmless activity may have gotten them into trouble.

Chord posted on Twitter and Vine about having been arrested by the NYPD while filming. Um, what? Come on guys, it’s Glee. They sing and dance. They’re so harmless. Chord said on his Twitter, “Arrested in time square. My statement is coming shortly!” A few hours later, he posted a picture of ice cream on Instagram, so we’re going to assume that everything is fine. Oh, Glee.

Lea was on set too, though not getting into as much trouble as her costars. Lea’s album Louder recently debuted and topped the charts, despite critics being skeptical that she could pull off a quality album. Guess she proved them wrong. Defying odds and breaking the rules, the stars of Glee seem to be doing just fine.