Darren Criss And His Red Shoes Spotted In LA

25 Darren Criss Gifs
Darren Criss is purely amazing in gif form!
Glee star Darren Criss was spotted heading home after having lunch at Toast yesterday (May 09, 2013) in West Hollywood, CA. Darren was sporting some very spiffy red loafers which are just so Darren.

Let us talk about last night’s Glee for a moment. Who else was expecting Blaine to propose to Kurt? I wanted that proposal. Heather Morris. Tears, tears and more tears. Hopefully, you’ll at least be recurring next year, because Glee would not be the same without you.

Okay, back to Darren. 

He plans to sing to cover a Broadway song on his Listen Up tour this summer, but wants his fans to help out in picking the tune. You can vote here!

Check out Darren’s conversation with Broadway.com about his upcoming tour.

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