Danny Glover Raises Awareness in ‘Second Line’

Danny Glover’s recent project is one to stand up and take notice. Glover directed and starred in the short film, Second Line, the latest film in The Responsibility Project.

The film follows a business man, who’s forced to walk the streets of San Francisco to work after his car breaks down. His misfortune amplifies his self-consumed personality and he easily dismisses others in need. These others then follow him on his journey, almost like live emotional baggage – yikes! In a moment of clarity, he reflects on his actions upon seeing a homeless man and witnesses another “lost soul” like him breeze by.

“The film Second Line, directed by and starring Danny Glover, is intended to tell a story about the dimensions of personal responsibility through one man’s personal journey to an understanding of interconnectedness,” said John Cusolito, Vice President & Manager – External Relations, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group.

Glover is one of many well-known celebrities who’ve partnered with Liberty Mutual and The Responsibility Project to raise people’s awareness of their personal responsibilities.

“To have someone of [Glover’s] stature participate in The Responsibility
Project, and really believe in the idea of tackling the topic of
personal responsibility, was a perfect fit,” said Cusolito.

Other celebrities who have participated in the project, creating their own message include: Sarah Chalke (“Scrubs”),
Ron Livingston, Zachary Levi
(“Chuck”), Jack McBrayer
(“30 Rock”). Milo Ventimiglia and Masi Oka

All films are available at www.responsibilityproject.com.

Check out Second Line after the jump.

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