Dannielynn Gets To Go Home With Her Daddy

The man with the complicated hair is finally able to take his daughter home. Larry Birkhead was given permission by a judge in the Bahamas to take Dannielynn anywhere he would like, until a June 8 custody hearing in Nassau. At the hearing, it will be decided if Virgie Arthur, Anna’s mother, will be the child’s guardian in the case that something should happen to Larry, and whether or not she retains a claim on visitation rights. Larry’s simply waiting for changes to the birth certificate to be made, in which Howard K. Stern will be replaced by Birkhead as the father on the document. In addition, Dannielynn will be taking on Larry’s last name.

Says the source, “Larry is making his travel plans this second, and wants to go to both Louisville, Ky., where his family lives, and to California, where his home is.”

I’m imagining a pack of people, who are all sporting the flat-iron, highlighted look of Larry’s, cooing over the newest member of their family. Things should start to get interesting, once her hair starts growing. Wow, I really just can’t get over that hair thing…